Posted by: helldriversmovie | November 19, 2007

What does it take to impress YOU?

Motorcycle and automobile stunt guys like to brag about how many cars they can jump over. But how many of these guys can jump over a car with just the power of their own legs?

Today’s “Impressive as Hell” honoree comes from the unlikely world of Major League Baseball.


Kansas City Royals outfielder Joey Gathright, one of the speediest guys in baseball, can leap Underdog style over an automobile in a single bound.

Maybe the Thrill Show circuit is in his post-baseball future?

For the record, the creative masterminds behind the “Hell Drivers” documentary can barely leap over a bag of potato chips.

However, there seems to be a genetically blessed subculture of people who can leap over Honda Accords and even unmade beds.


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