Posted by: helldriversmovie | November 29, 2007

Evel makes peace with Kanyevel


Wow. Evel Knievel has made amends with Kanye West, the guy who blamed President Bush for orchestrating Hurricane Katrina.

According to the Associated Press, the terms of their reconciliation were not disclosed.

Knievel was livid about Kanye’s incarnation as “Evel Kanyevel” in his “Touch The Sky” music video.

Kanyevel is seen cavorting with lots of hot chicks (Pam Anderson front and center) and is interviewed by a Howard Cosell-like sportscaster (same ka-ka mustard sportsjacket) before attempting to jump over a canyon in a rocketcycle.


In his original lawsuit against West and his Roc-A-Fella recording label (full text is posted at The Smoking Gun), Knievel argued that his name and costume are federally registered trademarks. West’s attorneys countered that the video is satire, protected under our right to parody public figures.

Based on the suit, Knievel was clearly ticked off the most by the “vulgar, sexual and racially charged” scenes with Pamela Anderson, which he claimed hurt his image with children.

No offense, Evel, but the youngest of your fans are now in their 40s — and most of the guys still buying your toys and memorabilia (estimated at $300 million plus in revenues over the years) are keeping the stuff for themselves.

Knievel now tells the AP that after meeting West, all is forgiven. Kanye’s a “wonderful guy and quite a gentleman,” he says.

Why the change of heart? Maybe it’s related to Evel’s televised religious experience last Palm Sunday, in which he declared his devotion to Jesus and called the Devil a “bastard.”

Or maybe Kanye coughed up some cash.

As for whether or not “Touch The Sky” is satire, we agree with YouTuber “RocDoc,” who writes that “Evel should have been flattered, not pissed.”

But, please, decide for yourself what constitutes satire. Watch the Kanyevel video here.

As for Pamela Anderson, is she now at the point of her career when she just accepts anything her agent shoves in front of her?


She went from Baywatch babe to Borat’s wet dream — and now this. She needs to do a few low-budget indie films to get her back on the road to respectability.

Pamela, if you’re reading this, do we have the script for you!


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