Posted by: helldriversmovie | February 5, 2008

Crash Moreau’s endorsement on Super Tuesday!


So, 24 states are voting in 24 hours and the presidential race — at least on the GOP side — could be all over tonight. Now is the time to unveil Crash Moreau’s official endorsement.

Sadly, it turns out that Crash’s dream candidate, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura (Statehouse portrait above), is not in race. Yet.

Ventura is coming out with a new book in April called “Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me,” a political call-to-arms that seems branded for Ron Paul.

According to the Asbury Park Press, Ventura is now living on the Baja peninsula in Mexico and will reveal allegations in his new book that the U.S. government has been spying on him. Ross Perot’s campaign took a major credibility hit in 1992 when he blamed the government for ruining his daughter’s wedding. So whether or not the Feds are really bugging Ventura’s boa, this book won’t bode well for his candidacy.


Crash says that The Body is “the only man who stands up for what he thinks is right… he ran Minnesota as a 40 hour per week business and cut taxes.”

OK, getting off the Jesse tangent, we’ll let Crash speak about the rest of his options…

BARACK OBAMA — “He is in my opinion, the only one for real change. Clinton has been in politics for too long and doesn’t need another quarter of a million dollar retirement account.”

JOHN McCAIN — “McCain is a war mongerer and over-the-hill senior citizen who has been an old boy in politics for too long and we need change. If he would win, than he may not make his full term.”

We understand why Crash, an original flower child who protested against the Vietnam War, might not embrace McCain’s foreign policy views. But getting close to retirement age himself, we’re shocked at the age critique!

MITT ROMNEY —“Romney has tried to buy his way into the White House by spending millions of his own money to get elected. This money could have been used to help more people than by trying to buy votes.”

So far Romney’s money hasn’t been good enough in most states. We’ll see tonight! But he did score big in The Maine Maniac’s backyard!

RON PAUL — “Nobody has really heard of Ron Paul, but he does sound good like Ross Perot. But people will not vote for him as everybody only wants to vote for a winner. So he doesn’t have a chance.”

“Not enough money, too easy going and
most feel (he is) too religious.”

Please note that the political views of Crash Moreau do not reflect the views of the other Hell Drivers. Nor do they reflect the positions of the documentary filmmakers.

One last Super Tuesday tidbit: You can now posthumously support Evel Knievel for President with this political button from eBay:


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Would any of John McCain’s supporters be gutsy enough to be dropped from a 100-foot crane into a pile of junk cars? Well, a Barack supporter named Moreau clearly is. Almost died, too.



  1. Well, first let me say as a New Yorker Hillary Clinton makes me sick. She only stayed with her low life husband so one day she could have all the power. Power, that’s all that fake plastic faced woman wants. Like that was a real relationship, lol.

    I do watch FOX news programs like Bill O’Reilly when I can stomach all the bad news. Bill is a good man, he’s watching out for us. But, politics make me sick. There are no more great men, great leaders like Ronald Reagan. I do like and respect our present president, God bless George Bush.

    Anyway, I just picked up a six-pack and some new parts for my bikes just arrived. As Crash would say, “peace, love and the Beatles“.

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