Posted by: helldriversmovie | March 13, 2008

Barack Obama’s Lucky Hell Driver Charm


Ever since Barack Obama shook Crash Moreau’s hand at Nicky’s Diner, the Illinois Senator has gone on to kick Hillary Clinton’s butt in Maine, Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Vermont, Wyoming and Mississippi.

In short, Obama is winning over Democrats in Hell Driver country.


Never underestimate the good karma that will surround you when you have the Maine Maniac in your corner.

Of course, all of this happened before the mass media blitz about Obama’s lunatic pastor, Jeremiah Wright, the kind soul who wants to replace “God Bless America!” with “God Damn America!”

No matter who wins the White House, appointing Crash as the Transportation Secretary would be a savvy move.

And no matter what your politics, whenever you happen to be strolling through downtown Bangor, Maine, pop by Nicky’s and you might catch a glimpse of Crash Moreau!

He hangs out there at least once a day to read the morning newspaper and slurp down his coffee, which he prefers with “cream and lots of sugar.” Crash also highly recommends Nicky’s baked beans and the ham omelet.


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