Posted by: helldriversmovie | March 16, 2008

Training Saudi women to be Hell Drivers in Sri Lanka?

Women aren’t allowed to drive at all in Saudi Arabia, never mind crash their vehicles intentionally into mounds of junk cars.

A survey published in the Sri Lankan Daily Mirror (home delivery information HERE), indicates that many Saudi women are afraid of the maniacs on the desert highways.

As the Mirror’s M.S. Shah Jahan writes:

“My humble suggestion to respected Saudi women is to learn their driving lesson in Sri Lanka where we have enough lady instructresses. If you get accustomed to our driving system and manage the ‘hell drivers’ found on our roads and also tackle the pedestrians who appear from no where to cross at their will, your fear psycho will vanish and you would feel competent to go for grand prix races even because our roads are nothing else but racing tracks. At the same time this will drive our tourism efforts or we will have new ‘drive tourists’ campaigns.”

Hear that Crash? Sri Lanka is the ideal recruiting ground for new apprentices!

As for Saudi Arabia, monster truck promoter Jeff Bursey once told us that he would love to bring the Doug Danger Show there for a tour.

There hasn’t been any recent indication that Danger will jump monster trucks at the Riyadh Fairgrounds, but it would be fascinating to see how the street mobs would respond to his patriotic red-white-and-blue jumpsuit.


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