Posted by: helldriversmovie | April 10, 2008

Thrill show ideas from the Indian military

Apparently, the Indian Army has its own stunt cycle unit!

The snapshot above is reportedly of an Indian soldier from the infamous Jammu Kashmir Light Infantry regiment. His April 5th stunt is part of the “Diamond Jubilee” celebration near Srinagar, India.

It looks like the Indian cyclist is crashing through a wall of fluorescent lightbulbs, which would make Al Gore very angry. Unfortunately, we cannot find out any more information on the stunt.

Nor can we determine if the Srinagar Fairgrounds might be a suitable facility for the Doug Danger Thrill Show.

Some of the fans are even dressing like demons. Wonder if they do crazy dances in the stands with hopes of seeing themselves on the Jumbotron?

Not all the locals are thrill show fans, however. One angry Kashmir blogger says stunt cyclists are “evil.”

And he doesn’t mean it in a complimentary Knievel kind of way.


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