Posted by: helldriversmovie | May 5, 2008

Don’t Try This At Home: Treadmill Rollerblading

Hell Drivers might seem insane and reckless, but there is actually a science to what they do.


The dirty secret of Hell Driving is what they do is relatively safe — at least safe enough for them to emerge from the stunt still breathing and with all four limbs intact.

Because after all, they want to be able to perform the next night. And tough guy talk aside, ambulances are never much fun.

In the spirit of up-and-coming stuntmen, we heartily present the “Don’t Try This At Home” feature of the Hell Drivers blog.

For legal purposes, that means that WE the filmmakers are telling YOU the audience that we strongly discourage you to do stunts of any kind. Do NOT follow your dreams if they entail potential bodily dismemberment.

Remember: It is much smarter to watch others exercise questionable judgment and then go to your fridge and grab a soda.

Nevertheless, we are always scouting for “Don’t Try This At Home” nominees to shamefully glorify in this blog.

Know of someone who is being just a horrendous role model for the kiddies? Please email your nominations and links to: helldrivers (at) or leave a comment below.


… The Treadmill Rollerbladers (Location Unknown)

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Turn down the sound if you don’t like to hear the F-word, which is the adjective of choice while barreling into the house foundation with a hockey helmet.

Hey Parents, what would you do if these were your kids?


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