Posted by: helldriversmovie | May 27, 2008

Andy Samberg’s Hot Rod: A Three Word Movie Review


Absolutely unwatchable.

Netflix should strongly consider discontinuing this DVD rental.

Released last August, “Hot Rod” promised to deliver the ultimate film about Hell Driver wannabes. The guy who ignores the “Don’t Try This at Home” warnings, the guy who thinks what Evel Knievel did was “easy.”

It’s another case of the best stuff being in the trailer. You know when you’re watching Saturday Night Live and you keep telling yourself the skits are going to get better as the evening dwindles on — and they never do?

Hot Rod is a lot like that.

Save your two hours for American Idol Rewind or CSI: Miami or a VH1 “I Love the 70s” marathon. Quite frankly, any other use of your time is a better investment.

We feel horrible for the lovely and talented Isla Fisher. What the hell was she thinking?

On a plus note, some of the black and white stunt photos decorating the bedroom of stuntman Rod Kimble (Samberg) are vintage shots of our very own Crash Moreau!

Congratulations on Hollywood immortality, Crash. Here’s hoping your next cameo is in a Mike Myers movie.



  1. omg!!! i loved this movie! i laughed so hard i almost cried!! it was not lame like the other movies that try and be funny or the cheesy romance movies!

    i love this movie! this guy/chick who said that^^^ has no sense of humor and obviously has no taste in movies instead of sitting on you’re ass crtisizing movies why don’t you make one and try and do better!


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