Posted by: helldriversmovie | June 30, 2008

Happy July 4th — Celebrate with Vampire Stuntmen?

This discovery comes from a New Hampshire fireworks retail outlet — the Granite state is a gunpowder-coated island of sanity in Puritan New England.

These stuntman vampire fireworks produce “a red and white glitter fountain, leading up to red and blue and white strobes.”

We’re still unclear on what makes this firework have anything to do with either stunts or vampires, but if you want to buy one, you can find them here.

From all of us here in the “Hell Drivers” crew, a very happy, hearty Independence Day to you and your loved ones!



  1. Let me put it to you this way…
    Vampires=Cool Have you seen Lost Boys?
    Stunt Men = hella cool. Doug Danger, Rocky, Crash? come on man they’re cool!
    Fireworks = infinitely cool! the closest most of us mere mortals can get to being a stuntman is setting off our very own backyard display with the very same real possibilities of ending up blind in one eye or needing to use a hook hand for the rest of our lives for the pure enjoyment of the beauty that gunpowder provides us.

    And that is why you would have a firework named Vampire Stuntman.

    They should make one called the “Doug Danger” or make one with zombies! Zombies are cool man!

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