Posted by: helldriversmovie | July 28, 2008

Cape Cod Media: “Nutty” documentary captures “human spirit.”

In advance of the Woods Hole Film Festival this week, entertainment editor Marilyn Rowland has these kind words to say in the Enterprise, a Cape Cod newspaper chain:

“Director Peter Koziell and producer Darren Garnick have brought these men, their motivations, their love of jumping and crashing, and their human spirit to life.”

Read the rest of Rowland’s review here.

Cape Cod Times movie critic Tim Miller raves that we are “a nutty — and fascinating — portrait of the American dream on wheels.”

Can’t ask for a better compliment than nutty! Check out Miller’s full mini-review here.

And remember, our Cape Cod screening — which includes pristine, never-before opened boxes of Junior Mints for the first 48 guests — is at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 30. Tickets will be sold outside the old Fire Station next door or can be purchased on-line here.

Bring your cameras and look for stunt gorilla King Kong Knievel outside the Woods Hole Community Hall (on the main drag, Water Street).

(As an aside, if you love popovers, go visit the Pie in the Sky bakery. They are fantastic, rivaling Judie’s in Amherst, Mass., and Popovers on the Square in Portsmouth, NH.)


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