Posted by: helldriversmovie | August 20, 2008

Would Jason Varitek, Jorge Posada or even Johnny Bench survive a suicidal crane drop?

Of all the mysteries of the Hell Driver world, the biggest one for us is how an ordinary piece of catcher’s gear can protect a daredevil’s kneecaps from shattering like shards of china. Baseball’s suit of armor certainly didn’t stop Carlton Fisk from busting his ribs numerous times.

And Fisk was just playing ball — not being dropped one hundred feet in the air into a pile of junk cars.

That’s Crash Moreau up in the picture above, looking a bit disoriented after his successful “European Kamikaze Death Drop” performed at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania on August 9th.

We’re not sure what’s “European” about this stunt — did Crash sip a cappuccino when he emerged from the wreckage?

According to the Fair’s pre-event press release, which for some reason is typed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, “a sudden stop on the earth’s surface could result in a bone shattering crash. This is certainly not the result he is hoping to achieve, but it is always a possibility.”

Regretfully, we could not be in Honesdale, Pennsylvania for this spectacle. And we have yet to talk to Crash directly about his nerve-wracking experience (Bear in mind that this same stunt was scrapped at the last minute in July by the Northern Maine Fair presumably because they could not get a crane, but we suspect they were fearful that Crash would die on their watch).

It’s absolutely shocking that not one of the pillars of the Honesdale media bothered to cover the most exciting event that may ever happen in that community. Not a single blog or even news brief surfaces on Google.

However, Lou “Rocket” Re was kind enough to share his observations on the Death Drop and provide some classic photos, too. We now cede the floor to Mr. Re:

“All that day crash was the talk of the show. We all wondered if he finally had lost it or was messing with us about how scared he was and how he never did a drop before. We heard so many stories about how this stunt was to be done and how many people had been hurt or killed by setting it up incorrectly.

“I get to the show and all the monster truck guys tell me they dropped a car earlier in the day and the motor smacked through (the dashboard) into the back seat. And if a person was in it, that person would have been smashed. I called Spanky Spangler and he gives me advice about pulling the motor and replacing it with sand bags or hay bales.

“Well, Crash wants no part of that. He wants to do it the European way with the full car as it is. Now everyone is real scared. Crash seems scared but in a good mood at TIMES FLAPPING HIS ARMS LIKE A BUTTERFLY. Well we know what Crash thinks about butterflies, he thinks it means eternal life.

“So, I’m not sure if he knows he’s going to make it or if he feels he wants to move on and be somewhere else. Crash has had a hard time of life the last few months and he has seemed different to many people.

“The show starts out with ‘Captain Explosion’ and the bomb does not go off. All the years of seeing Crash do that stunt, I never saw it fail. Oh, no! — Is this a sign of things to come? Well, I have to be a pro and do four firewalls and the King Kong Knievel act, so I block the crane drop out of my mind. it would be the last part of the show.

So I get through my stunts, the monster trucks run and now Crash is up — a real nervous time for everyone. At this point, I think everyone is second guessing themselves for even allowing it to happen.

“But if you know Crash, he needs it to go, and he would have been mad as hell if he was stopped. Crash is belted in and strapped in and about to go up. I can see fear in his face and everyone else is real nervous and upset. As i look down a butterfly floats by and now I’m really thinking, is this a sign?

“Before the firemen give the crane operator the go ahead, I lean in and tell Crash, “I’m with you my friend, I’m praying for you.”

“I really felt there was a 50 – 50 chance he was going to get hurt or be killed. So the car goes up and seems to take a long time. I can’t take it anymore so I turn away and hear the system release and crash — EXPLOSION!

“Everyone runs in, the car lands perfect on its nose. Firemen and crew are trying to get to him and we are not sure if he’s alright.

Then out comes Crash. He was knocked a little silly, but inside I can see a big grin wanting to come out. The crowd lets out a roar, Crash plays it up, we all hug him and tell him he’s crazy.

“Again, you can see a grin of satisfaction coming from within. Once again, the “Maine Maniac” pulls off another stunt.”

Doesn’t the mood lighting above give Crash a Robert Redford-esque glow, the kind of physical magic displayed in the baseball film, “The Natural?”

Stay tuned for Crash Moreau’s version of events….



  1. Tell you what I was a nervous wreck that night, I could not attend the show which made the matter worse. I must have texted Lou Re atleast 3 times that night to see if Crash was okay. When Lou called me he told me the crazy old guy pulled it off, and an instant smile appeared on my face. Great job Crash.

    P.s. Helping Crash out of the car is a true legend in the thrill show industry Mr. Tonny Petersen. Tonny played the fair the previous two nights with Paul Riddells Imperial Stunt Drivers

  2. To all the Hell Drivers and Cyclejumpers,You Guys are the best,I have the up-most admiration & Respect for you daredevils/stuntmen & women,Just know ya’ll can count me if your ever in Texas……….

    “Careful Landings”
    Richard “Risky Rick” Cruz

  3. […] supporters be gutsy enough to be dropped from a 100-foot crane into a pile of junk cars? Well, a Barack supporter named Moreau clearly is. Almost died, […]

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