Posted by: helldriversmovie | October 8, 2008

Rocky’s Magical Michigan Tour!

While the John McCain presidential campaign is fleeing Michigan, scrappy daredevil Rocky “Hardcore” Hauri is filling the void.

Rocky, who’s worked a variety of odd jobs to supplement his stuntman income, knows far more about the economy than McCain. And also knows exactly how many houses he has. If you think those are ridiculous comparisons, perhaps you shouldn’t be coming to a daredevil Web site for political commentary. Fact is, with that ridiculous $700 billion bailout, we’re all walking the tightrope now — without a safety net.

So, in promotional appearances for the “Hell Drivers” movie, Rocky is trekking across Michigan this month to attend film festivals in Bay City, Grand Rapids and Flint. Here’s the official Rocky Tour Schedule:

October 5 — Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival, Bay City: The ironically named “Hell” film and music festival is a perfect match with our brand — and in the place that gave birth to the Bay City Rollers. We’re loving it.

October 18 — Flint Film Festival: Michael Mooreville, though he has nothing to do with this festival. One of the 450 cities worldwide that’s lost more than 10 percent of its population since 1950. But most important, “The Vehicle City!”

October 25 — Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival in Grand Rapids: This theater is absolutely gorgeous and we LOVE the film mix of Hollywood classics interspersed with indie gems. We’re actually programmed up against Monsters, Inc. Is there any kid alive who hasn’t already seen that?

Rocky just got back from the Hell’s Half Mile Festival and here is his brief review:

“They freaking loved it!!!!!!”

“They” being the audience. Six exclamation points from Rocky, sometimes a very mellow and reserved personality, is the equivalent of four stars from Roger Ebert.

Rocky will be our eyes, ears and heart out in Michigan, because unfortunately our film festival travel budget is extremely tight. Well, let’s just bare all and say “extremely depleted.”

Ironically, as Mr. Hardcore travels across his home state, he rarely performs at local shows due to promoters’ liability concerns. Rocky addressed this problem in an exclusive interview with the Midland Daily News:

“Michigan motor sports fans are getting the shaft,” Hauri said. “Promoters have no idea what we do and how simple it is.”

Perhaps Rocky’s Magical Michigan Tour will convince local promoters to let him show his stuff on the racetrack. In the meantime, Rocky’s nostalgic journey is the ultimate tribute to his father, legendary stuntman and thrill show mechanic, John Hauri.

The elder Hauri starred in the Aut Swenson Thrillcade, a wild blend of circus acts (including a Miss America archery champion) and stunts; and Danny Fleenor’s Hurricane Hell Drivers.

We LOVE the pirate-themed helmet. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Stay in touch here for more eyewitness accounts and testimonials about Hell’s Half Mile and the rest of the Michigan tour dates. We are hopeful that we can also arrange a Detroit-area screening and possibly Ann Arbor, too. If you are a car or motorcycle enthusiast from Detroit or Ann Arbor or anywhere else we haven’t screened in gorgeous Michigan, please get in touch at helldrivers @ comcast. net


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