Posted by: helldriversmovie | January 26, 2009

King Kong Knievel, watch your back for Monkey Knievel!

Bizarre Magazine has discovered a "Simian Stuntman"

Bizarre Magazine has discovered a "Simian Stuntman"

Bizarre magazine has some “breaking news” about a motorcycle-riding Indonesian monkey who wears an Evel Knievel jumpsuit and performs “just a few miles from where incoming President Barack Obama went to school.”

Talk about stretching the Obama angle!

Apparently, PETA doesn’t have much clout in the Land of Volcanoes:

“Monkey Knievel is dressed to kill, and his spectacular outfit and props attract crowds who are all willing to pay good money to see him ride down flights of stairs, zoom up and down busy roads and even throw in the odd wheelie here and there. Unsurprisingly, his handler, Pak Sawal, is delighted with the attention the hirsute hellraiser is getting.

Though the practise of Topeng Monyet is attracting controversy even in the traditional cultural landscape of Indonesia, it seems unlikely that the reproaches of animal welfare organisations will hold much sway with the impoverished slum dwellers who rely on the performing animals for an income.”

Monkey Knievel no doubt works for a lower salary than King Kong Knievel, a.k.a. daredevil Louis Re, who is a human being full time.

The novelty act is just the latest in a long string of Knievel-themed sideshows. Pop culture guru Steve Mandich has been tracking the trend of Evel-inspired entertainment (scroll down to “Performers”) and has even uncovered a Knievel drag queen.



  1. Funny stuff, but King Kong Knievel could be this lil money hands down!


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