Posted by: helldriversmovie | June 26, 2009

“Hell Drivers” wins Best Documentary at Michigan’s Hell Fest!

"Hell Drivers" wins Best Documentary audience award at Hell Fest!

"Hell Drivers" wins Best Documentary at Hell Fest!

You know that feeling when you find a $20 bill inside your sportscoat?

That’s how we feel about eight months after “Hell Drivers” screened at Michigan’s Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival — in the gritty heartland of traditional county fair daredevil shows.

Almost as cool as getting our doorbell rung by Publisher’s Clearinghouse, we got this trophy declaring we won the Hell’s Half Mile audience award for best documentary.

Maybe “Hell Drivers” simply fits their Hellish brand, but we doubt the voting was fixed. Daredevil Rocky “Hardcore” Hauri parked the Rockymobile in front of the theater and spent a few days charming the crowds.

The HHM trophy came with a note apologizing for the late notification, but being late only enhanced the surprise.

Now, we’re headed to the closet to check the pockets of our sportjackets.



  1. Very nice, plenty of hard work pays off.

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