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Meet the last American “Hell Drivers,” a traveling band of stuntmen who earn a living as real-life crash test dummies. At county fairs and small racetracks across the country, these amateur daredevils smash school busses, mobile homes, and the occasional flaming garbage truck — with no more protection than a motorcycle helmet and ordinary seatbelt.

Harboring no dreams for Hollywood, these Hell Drivers barely earn enough to fill their gas tanks. But for them, almost dying is the only way to live.

“Hell Drivers” will debut on the 2008 film festival circuit.



In addition to providing the latest news on “Hell Drivers” the documentary, this space will also explore the psychology of stunts (ranging from professional daredevils to ‘Jackass’ copycats) and the ongoing adventures of Crash Moreau, Doug Danger, Louis “Rocket” Re and Rocky Hardcore.



  1. Crash,
    What a great idea!
    This is a cool site and thanks for letting me know about it!
    I’ll keep checking back in!


  2. Thanks for keeping the thrill out there and in the public eye.. would love to get a copy of the film when available… worked with the Chitwoods from 1963 to 1966 over the summers and my brother Larry Barr was with them, worked with Dan Fleenor, and Paul Riddell before that.. have a lot of pics and film from those days if interested…. DAN BARR

  3. Great picture of you my friend, I’ll look forward to seeing the documentry when it comes out.
    Peace and Happy Bird Eating Day…

  4. Nice web site! I can’t wait to see the show… please let me know when it comes out.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the movie, it just goes to show that the thrill is still in you all and you love what you do. These shows have touched generations and with alittle help from all of us it will continue to grow.



  7. I feel excited inside every time I see things that remind me of the times we spent in days gone by . what a wild time. I miss it but my life has taken a different path and now I still travel the road, but by truck now. I still have a lot of pictures and movies of our good times from Buddy Wagner to just you and I doing it together. A lot of good times brother. When you get home let me know as I’ve moved back to the bangor area. SEE YA

  8. Nice pic Crash! Thew bus looks familiar!hehe

  9. The good people at AWARD Productions put so much time and effort into this documentary. They really went out of their way to make a real, true to life film on what it’s like to travel and perform in a thrill show.

    It was fun working with them and they made it easy to let your guard down and be natural. I don’t think people understand how much time and effort go into a thrill show even before we get on the track and risk our lives.

    I know they did their homework and got into the history of thrill shows and traveled a great deal to interview past and present performers. Being a thrill show historian I’m proud to be part of this film and couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of guys to record and tell our story. Very much looking forward to seeing the film.

  10. Just a real daredevil fan here, Ive probably not known a better set of guys than Doug,and Lou.
    I also cant wait for the premier of helldrivers,Ill be the fat guy in the front row. cant wait to see you all there..

  11. Great !! I look forward to viewing MORE of this and Congrats to those TRUE Stuntmen and Stuntwomen out there , Its a Great Life and I personnally love it and am glad to be a part of that exciting world !
    Blessed to have personally worked with a few involved with this project !! Hi Lou Rocket
    the Proud The FEW !! The Brave and REAL !!!
    Be SAFE and Best always
    Brian Gates

  12. Looking foward to the film for some of the good old days, when it was alot more fun and cheeper !

    I was tickled to see a responce from Janet Lee and Dan Barr. I hope to hear from them. I worked one season for Fleenor and got to know Larry Barr , Bobby Lynch and the rest very well.
    Was shocked when Larry went off to drive the tour buss for Dottie West and then past away from some sickness. They were all great folks.

  13. Your name came up a few days ago, old friend, while we were talking about people we know who still entertain the child within . . . ;-D

    Be sure you let me know when the film is available; looking forward to seeing it.

  14. Dan Fleenor’s Hurricane Hell Drivers used to be at the fair in Traverse City Michigan every year and were my favorite part of it. I still have a couple of their programs showing them driving Dodge Lancers. Thanks for putting this stuff out there so I can show the grandkids!

  15. Thanks, Rodney! We are trying to rekindle old memories of the Hell Drivers of yesteryear while also paying tribute to the guys struggling to keep the tradition alive!

  16. Thanks for the memories. As a young boy spending part of my summers with my dad on the thrillshow was the greatest time. My dad was Lucky Kenny Blaine. He drove for several shows in his time but my memories are with Aut Swensons. He ran one of the troops until about 1965. Thanks again

  17. I would love to get a copy of the documentry when its all finished. You see I have lots of personal and emotional ties to this, because my grandmother, Daisy, or better known to everyone else as Yvonne “Pee Wee” La Costa was a Hell Driver for Danny Fleenor. My uncle, Freddy Fisher, was also a Hell Driver. My grandma passed away when I was 6 years old, in 1996, and my uncle Freddy passed away when I was 10, in 2000. So it would mean alot to get a copy of this film. My mom, Kandy, remembers alot from when she was little in the 70’s, so if you would like to contact her and see if she has anything you can use for the documentry, her e-mail is KSCorbiere1@yahoo.com
    Not sure if you want to or not, but just in case.
    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, and please keep me updated on the film.

    Thank you,

  18. I am honored to be friends with most these guys, can’t wait to see more!

  19. My dad worked in the 1930’s for Joie Chitwood and “Irish” Horan. Irish was my Uncle. My dad, Joe B. Grant, years later known as “Cactus Joe” on WSLS TV 10, Roanoke, Va. Died at age 75 in Wilmington, N.C., his hometown. When I was a baby (I’m 66 years young now) in Wilmington, N.C., I saw my Dad do the “slide for life” and the “T-Bone” crash at the fair grounds in front of hundreds of people. Lots of noise, racing engines, dust and fire. Thanks for bring back some great memories. God bless you all. Thanks! Joe

  20. Hi, I am Debbie Lawler, “the Flying Angel”

    First let me say Hell Drivers is a wonderful web site. It brings back so many memories.

    I had the pleasure of working with Joie Chitwood when I jumped my motorcycle in the Houston Astrodome.

    I also had the pleasure of working with some of these great men, and it was such an honor to have done so. Those were the most incredible days for Daredevils. The comradery was amazing! We were a very close and companionable group of young and older people. We were on top of the world, traveling the world to perform, and pioneering what would become in the two wheel sport, motorcycle jumping.

    The American Daredevils set the pace for the rest of the world, for stunts, car crashes, and daring jumps. The best part was the respect we gained for doing something dangerous and very different. We were being paid well for something we loved very much.

    I’ve had the pleasure in the last few years of spending time with the new generation of hell drivers and daredevils. They are awesome! I can only hope that this generation of people appreciates what wonderful, incredible, and brave stuntmen they are privileged to see. I am in awe of all of them, and very proud to have been a small part of this wonderful sport.

    I can’t wait until the documentary is released!

    Debbie Lawler
    The Flying Angel

  21. I’m so there in New Brunswick. Growing up traveling with the Chitwoods and Fleenor had a profound effect on who I am, how I relate to people, and how I view our great country. It is amazing to see old friends, like Joie Chitwood III as CEO of the Brick Yard. So many stories, made with so many great friends.

    “Yeah, I’m with the thrill show.” Gets you into the pits every time.

  22. I would love to see this documentary but as I live in New Zealand will have to wait until it can be bought on DVD. A bit too far to travel to the premiere for me!

    I started out doing stunts in live car shows and western fight shows back in 1979, long before I did any film/TV work.

    I still do the occasional live show e.g. taught TV presenter Ashley Hames how to do stunts for the TV series Mans’ Work – the highlight of which was him driving a car through two walls of fire at the Robertson Holden International Speedway (in Palmerston North, New Zealand) in front of a big crowd. And, boy, was he nervous!

    You can’t beat the adrenalin rush of performing stunts in front of a big live crowd.

    I wish you every success with the film and please do let me know when it is available for purchase on DVD.

  23. […] About The Film […]

  24. I had the great pleasure of working with Darren Garnick and his associates at Award Productions during the production of the HELL DRIVERS documentary film. Which I see is doing a bang-up job at the film festivals and is destined to be an even bigger hit soon… maybe a classic!

    I’m proud to be a part of this film. I wish you guys all the luck in the world with future releases and all the incredible residual affects that coincide with such an organized effort and a great film project.

    Rick Lance
    Narrator, HELL DRIVERS

    PS. I’m looking forward to seeing that flying orange bra… with Debbie Lawler inside of it, of course!

  25. So sorry i missed you at woods hole. I was there the day before the film fest started. Would have been nice to meet you.
    All the best and be safe!
    Ray Abbott
    sag stuntcoordinator/stuntman

  26. hi guys, again i enjoyed the film a great deal. i was the mopar guy at woods hole. here are some websites to look at showing off that vintage mopar footage. moparts.com dodgecharger.com dodgecoronet.com dsac.com wingedwarriors.com
    good luck with the film

  27. Just heard about this on NPR and had to look you up— looks like I missed out on film festivals around me, when does this come out on DVD so I can see it???

  28. I was at Hudson (NH) speedway and witnessed the fateful crash. The eerie sound of his body hitting the wall, and the gruesome sight of it bouncing off is something I’ll never forget. The sound of Doug hitting the wall was quite loud, almost as loud as if a car hit the wall. Also, from the angle I was sitting, I could not see the impact point, but the speed of the bounce off the wall looked the same as he hit the wall.You could have heared a pin drop for about 1/2 hour after the crash. The first voice I remember hearing was a guy who walking through the paddock, turned to us in a loud voice said “looks like Doug Danger is dead”. It took the paramedic staff about an hour to get him on the stretcher and into the ambulance. They loaded him while he was still wearing his helmet and leathers. Just after he was loaded in ambulance, I looked in and his feet where pointing in different directions, as if they were snapped off and stacked together at the end of the stretcher.
    The severity of the injury was due of position of the landing ramp. It was placed so the end of the ramp was at entry of the corner of the race track. Doug over shot jump a little, landed crossed up on the middle of the ramp, therefore it catapulted him into the wall.
    Following his recovery, I was at Hudson speedway several years later (1995 I think) when Doug did the same stunt again. This time, the landing ramp was placed in the middle of the front straight of the speedway, and he landed the jump safely.
    Years later I saw the video of his crash on TV, and it was far more horrifying in person.

  29. PS. The previous post was about Doug Danger’s near fatal stunt in 1992.

  30. Congradulation.
    My respect to all.
    Stay safe.
    Dr Danger

  31. When is the dvd AVAILABLE?

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