The Daredevils

(Click on names for more detailed biographies)

DOUG DANGER — Guinness Book of World Records Holder, Karaoke Star

LOUIS “ROCKET” RE — Firewall Champion, Evel Knievel Collector, Danger’s Best Friend

JIM “CRASH” MOREAU — The Last Deathrider, Captain Explosion, Circus Historian

ROCKY HARDCORE — Second-Generation Daredevil, Thrill Show Artist

KING KONG KNIEVEL — Gorilla of Mystery, Crowd Pleaser, Potassium Lover



  1. […] The Daredevils […]

  2. Very interesting web site.

    I’m retired now and live in Oregon after over fifty years in the stunt world. What happened to the credit for one of my little movies “Diamonds are Forever” (James Bond 007) 1971. Just asking. Keep up the good work.

    Buzz Bundy

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  4. […] Hampshire is where Doug Danger first enshrined himself in the Guinness Book of World […]

  5. I would like to say hey to Buz Bundy and if he sees this please email me at
    I started my career in Portland Oregon 20 years ago and would like to drop in and visit with him next time I am up that way.
    My respect goes out to all of the other Daredevils out there and great job on the Hell Drivers Movie.
    Dr Danger

  6. Please forward contact info to Buzz Bundy, was with the Chitwoods over the summers from school in 1963, 64, 65, My brother was Larry Barr who starred with the Chitwood’s for several years before moving on to Dan Fleenor’s Hurricane Hell Drivers then to a more subdued position as Dottie West’s road manager…. would love to hear from any of the group from back then
    best regards to one and all DAN BARR

    • Give me a call when ever your up my way (Oregon) in the summer. But in the winter i’m in Calif. or Florida where the sun flys. My cell is : 541-521-0934 “Buzz”

  7. Doug Danger is a pussy! I can out jump him any day of the week. In fact, I have out jumped him. I out jumped Evel Knievel and his pussy son. I am the best there ever was and will be. I’ll take on all competition. I will never be beat.

  8. Hey Super Joke, if your so great than please share with us all the documentaries you had made about you…thats what i thought… SHUT UP!!! Ladies and gentlemen you may remember Juper “Joke” … as the biggest ass wipe in the business this is the same guy who was so cocky he tried to jump over huge turbine fans, with one arm tied behind his back! By doing this he hit one of the fans and flew off the bike. One of the very man SCREW ups performed by Super Joke!

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