Meet Crash Moreau

Name: Jim “Crash” Moreau, a.k.a. “The Maine Maniac.”
Age: 59
Hometown: Lincoln, Maine
Claim to Fame: Only stuntman to roll a car over naked.
Injuries: Steering wheel-punctured abdomen, countless concussions.
Off-Season Work: Former short-order cook and garbage truck driver. Now promotes and books stunt shows year-round.
Web Site:

Jim “Crash” Moreau believes in eternal life, an ideal mindset for a guy who’s not afraid of being the filling in a junk car sandwich.

Scrunching cars, busses and motorhomes for more than four decades, he first gained fame in the 1970s as a flaming divebomber specialist with the notorious “Death Riders.” Crash, who wears butterfly patches for good luck, almost blew his hand off at Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium while performing the Human TNT act.

His antics also included performing stunts in his birthday suit at an Indiana nudist colony. “When you are naked, you have no way of showing your status, everybody is equal,” Crash says. “In normal society, you’re out here, and it’s who has the most diamonds on, who has the most expensive clothing…. I think nudists are more friendly people. They accept you for who you are — not because of what you are.”

Today, the “Maine Maniac” performs fully clothed. His most popular stunt is the “Steel Wall,” a routine that involves propping up junk cars on their front bumper and driving through them like dominoes.

Crash is also a local chapter president of the Circus Fans of America, a role that inspires him to often drive hundreds of miles out of his way to see a new Big Top. Those who know him as a thrill seeker might be surprised by his definition of fun.

“I’d do almost anything for 500 bucks,” he laughs. “But I won’t go on a roller coaster for 500!”

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