Although they claim to be environmentalists, Peter Koziell and Darren Garnick secretly love the smell of monster truck exhaust and burning upholstery. The filmmakers spent the spring and summer of 2006 following “Hell Driver” stuntmen across the United States and Canada.

Koziell and Garnick’s previous films include “Crashing The Parties,” a glimpse at underdog presidential candidates for PBS; and “Beyond Kitty Hawk,” an Emmy-nominated aviation history special for WGBH.

They are also the masterminds behind two offbeat pop culture shorts: “Toying With War: Tank Commander” and “Totally Devoted: Grown-up Backstreet Boys Groupies.”



  1. We have enjoyed seeing your sight I’m going to share this with frinds and family.I saw my first thrill show when I was eight years at Indiana County Pa.Fair Ground.

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