Posted by: helldriversmovie | February 24, 2009

‘Car Talk’ guys offer stunt advice: Look like Tom Cruise


Tom and Ray Magliozzi, NPR’s “Car Talk Guys,” have two pieces of advice for young whippersnappers who want to snap their necks in the stunt driving business:

1. Check out Bobby Ore’s Motion Picture Stunt Driving School, which has locations in California and Florida; and

2. Have movie star looks.

From the Magliozzi brothers’ recent “Car Talk” column:

Ray: But you’re not going to take a two-day Bobby Ore course and come out of there ready to drive in commercials. You’ll need a lot of practice to get good at it, and you generally have to pay to practice on courses. And that assumes you have some talent for stunt driving in the first place.

Tom: If you get that far, then you’ll need to beg, cajole and harass commercial coordinators to hire you. This involves, among other things, hiding in people’s bushes and jumping out with fresh cappuccino.

Ray: Of course, you may also luck out. Sometimes TV shows or movies will hire a stunt driver based solely on looks. So, for instance, if you happen to look like Tom Cruise from behind, you might get a driving job for that reason alone.

Tom: Unfortunately, if, like my brother, you look like Tom Cruise’s behind, that’s not going to help you.


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