The Trailers

Is there a better spokesperson for marriage than Rocky Hardcore?

Lou “Rocket” Re also wears his gorilla suit to New York Mets games.


  1. These guys have a certain je ne sais quoi.

  2. The movie will be a “smash” Pun Intended,when it hits the film festivals.

    As we can see from these great mini clips the movie is going to be awesome not only do we owe the stars of the show : Lou, Doug, Crash and Rocky: Who I can honestly call my good friends a round of applause but we must also tip our hats to the film crew. They have traveled around with a great, loving and yes even crazy group of men for the past year, LOL and that feat alone is not always the easiest.

    But there also out on the track in harms way as sparks and fire fly or twisted pieces of metal scatter , catching every glimpse of it on there camera’s. Then they need to head back to Boston to Process and Edit all the footage, surely not an easy task. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends get the recongnition they deserve as they perserve a small piece of Americana. As a young and upcoming daredevil I can tell you first hand there is not a better or more amusing group to follow around.

    I also would like to Thank the Film Crew as well as stunt guys for helping me get my feet “Wet”. It has honestly been a dream come true, it’s very cool seeing yourself on a film , I can be seen laying down bananna’s for King Kong Knievel ( Who’s true Identity will be revealed in the movies) World Record bananna jump! And who knows maybe you will see yourself !!! In this Heroic Epic journey to save the lost art, known as the Automobile Thrill Show.

  3. I’ve been to several of their shows and I’m amazed every time that these guys put their life on the line and enjoy every second of it. They are truly awesome and are living their life’s dream.

  4. I spent many years promoting the Joie Chitwood show at the Hamburg N.Y Fair Grounds in Hamburg N.Y. My daughter and I have both ridden with Tim Chitwood in a Corvette ramp jump and two wheel rides around the 3/4 mile track. Tim, Joie III and I have become good friends over the years. I was sorry to see them retire. Looking forward to your movie. Bob

  5. seems like just yesterday lou rocket re was jumping off of plywood ramps supported by milk crates, structurally certified by yours truly. i am very proud that my old friend has come so far. Be safe and lou, make sure you wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident.

  6. I remember being on vacation with Lou when we were little kids. Even then, he crashed on his skateboard down a huge hill that we were afraid to even walk down. This stuff has been in his veins since birth, I think. He amazes us everytime. We’re just so proud of him that he chases his dreams better than anyone else we know. You just have to see one of his stunts first-hand to really appreciate how amazing it really all is.

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  10. I have been going through the “Fair Books” form the Clearfield County Fair they range from 1946 to about 1984. The listing of thrill shows are many.

    Joie Chitwood (Sr. & Jr.) – Bill Green’s World Famous Canadian Aces – Frank Jorden Atomic Hell Drivers – Ward Beam’s World Champions – Irish Horan Lucky Hell Drivers – Jack Kochman’s World Champion Hell Drivers – Lucky Lee Crosby’s All American Hell Drivers – Rotroff All Girl Thrill show – Dan Fleenor’s Hurrican Hell Drivers – Jake Plumbstead & Tommy Peterson Trill Show.

    I am sure there will be more as I find more of these books.-

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