“These guys see themselves as the last of the real mavericks. They are an endangered species.”

— Robin Young, National Public Radio’s “Here & Now”

“A nutty — and fascinating — portrait of the American dream on wheels.”

— Tim Miller, movie critic, The Cape Cod Times

“Thanks for taking me back to my childhood.”

— A.E. Griffin, Program Director, Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival

“Perhaps the definitive film on the subject, this documentary is loaded with vehicular carnage. Hell Drivers is smashing good fun!”

–– Steve Mandich, author of “Evel Incarnate: The Life and Legend of Evel Knievel”

“Hell Drivers takes a good-natured, superhero approach to its four subjects, evoking the 1960’s TV show Batman.”

— Victoria Shouldis, The Concord Monitor
“Did Scorsese get to set a man on fire? Did Spielberg get to make gasoline bombs in a Ziploc bag? Probably not — but Koziell did.”

— Rosemary Ford, The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune

“I worry too much to be a fan of death-defying stunts, but I quickly became a Rocky Hardcore fan after previewing the documentary and seeing what he can do with a needle and thread.”

— Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, The Grand Rapids Press
“Hell Drivers gives a great deal of insight into a world many hear about, but rarely see!”

— Prof. Albert G. Nigrin, Executive Director
New Jersey International Film Festival


“Gritty and real.”

— Benjamin Barnett
Festival Director
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival


“A chick flick, it’s not.”




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